What is the nutritional content of VEG Water?

Under 10kcal per bottle and just a trace of natural sugars from the veg juice.

What is in veg water?

Fresh veg juice, (yes you can squeeze a piece of ginger), natural veg flavour and water. Simple.

Are the bottles recyclable?

They most certainly are.

Where is VEG Water made?

All our drinks are made in the uk, with as many uk sourced ingredients as possible.

I love VEG! I love Rabbits. Can I work for you?

Not absolute pre-requisites for a job but it can only help! We are always interested in bringing great new people into the jf rabbit’s mix. Please send a cv and covering letter to felix@vegwater.co.uk

Will JF Rabbit’s branch out into other food and drink?

That’s the plan. As long as it’s made of veg, the possibilities are endless. Watch out veg crisps…

I’ve got some VEG products I’d like to suggest

We’re all ears. Send any ideas to felix@vegwater.co.uk